7 Best Things to Buy in Japan You Should Buy

Japan, being one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, boasts an assortment of delectable delicacies, exquisite handicrafts, and indigenous arts that modern-day tourists all over the world want. Items that are rooted in history but have been modernized for daily use, such as spoons, tea sets, and silk hand fans, are among the best things to buy in Japan. If you’re looking for the finest locations to purchase presents in Japan, check out this article on the Best Things to Buy in Japan and where to locate them.

1. Kit Kat treats: Best Things to Buy in Japan

Kit Kat treats: Best Things to Buy in Japan
Kit Kat treats: Best Things to Buy in Japan

Have you ever tried Kit Kat? I enjoy Japanese Kit Kat sweets. Many people believe that Kit Kat confectionery was invented in Japan. But this is not the case. Kit Kat was invented in England by Rowntree and sold to Nestle Swiss in 1988. This is a form of chocolate-covered sponge cake.

Despite the fact that it is not manufactured in Japan, it is quite popular here. As a result, many people wrongly believe that Japan is the birthplace of Kit Kat. Let us overlook the issue of origin. Kit kat is a highly tasty confection that consists of a sponge cake coated in chocolate. This is the classic Kit Kat flavor: not harsh, not too sugary, and quite easy to chew.

Kit Kat comes in over 300 distinct flavors in addition to chocolate. An example, sake, tea, strawberry, and apple… As a result, Kit Kat draws a diverse range of customers, including discerning visitors.

Kit Kats are widely available in Japanese convenience shops and supermarkets. Furthermore, they are available on the majority of e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Mercari, and Rakuten. Kit Kat is reasonably priced. They differ depending on the flavor you purchase. The price varies from 300 to 800 Yen.

2. Matcha

Matcha, which is derived from the leaves of green tea and is strong in antioxidants, is well-known for its numerous health advantages. Even if you’ve never had matcha before, it’s worth picking up a tiny bag while in Japan because the matcha here is the tastiest and artistically created on the planet.

Matcha is one of the greatest items to buy in Japan for gifts for friends and family back home since little bags of this powdered green tea is inexpensive and easy to travel. Most gift shops in Japan carry matcha, however, if you do have the option, get it from a tea shop. Try Kyokkaen (the oldest tea store in Nara), which is close to Kyoto and Osaka, or travel to Tokyo’s Chanoha Greens Tea House, which specializes in full-flavored powder and provides on-site taste testing to help you find your exact flavor.

3. Yukata / Kimono

Yukata / Kimono
Yukata / Kimono: Best Things to Buy in Japan

Kimonos were traditionally worn solely for rare occasions like weddings or political gatherings and were often composed of thick, heavy materials such as hand-stitched linen or numerous layers of stitched silk. Today, many retailers sell yukatas, which are more cheap and casual kimono variants meant for everyday usage. They are lighter and fashioned from basic materials such as cotton and printed silk.

Wearing one as a robe or while lazing around the home is increasingly typical, however, the expensive, heavy, and palm versions are still seen at formal occasions like weddings. There are plenty of yukata businesses around the nation, but if you want an actual kimono, you’ll need to visit a high-end studio or fabric store because they’re virtually always made-to-order.

The nicest kimonos in Kyoto may be found in boutiques within the Higashiyama District, near Kiyomizu Temple. Depending on the business and the volume of orders, they can take anywhere between a few weeks to a number of months to complete. If you pursue the made-to-order option, you’ll be sized and fitted at a store before your kimono is prepared and brought to your home.

4. Sensu foldable fans

Many people across the world use paper fans. The fan was created in Japan between the sixth and ninth centuries. Hiougi was the name given to the first Japanese paper fan. People began drawing drawings on paper fans once they became popular, and so the name Sensu was formed. Sensu translates as “fan.” The delicate, compact design and the vibrant images painted on them distinguish this sensu.

The sensu paper fan is utilized not just for cooling but also as a fashion accessory or in ceremonies. Sensu fans are often employed in theatrical performances by performers and Shinto priests.

Sensu fans are widely available at souvenir shops these days. Sensu fans are frequently purchased as presents for loved ones by foreign travelers. Holding this little sensu in your palm will make you feel light, delicate, and intriguing. When you open them, you will be astounded by the attention to detail and rich creative ingenuity.

5. Chopsticks

Chopsticks: Best Things to Buy in Japan

Chopsticks are one of the simplest and most affordable items to purchase in Japan, either for yourself and for coworkers and family members back home. The Japanese have multiple distinct pairs of chopsticks, much as people have several sets of cutlery for formal and casual situations. For festivals and special occasions, there may be a ceremonial, hand-painted, or gilded pair, as well as plain solid-color pairs for regular usage. Some chopsticks are intended for certain persons or are exclusively used with certain types of cuisine.

Chopsticks are available at every souvenir shop in the country, but for a unique set, go to Nihonbo Chopstick Store in Tokyo. They sell both casual and formal sets of chopsticks, as well as porcelain bowls to lay the chopsticks on between eats. If you’re short on cargo space yet want a functional keepsake from your trip to Japan, chopsticks are an excellent choice.

6. Bento Box

If you enjoy cooking and are drawn to Japanese food, you simply cannot overlook the Bento box. Bento boxes were invented around the end of the Medieval era (1300 AD). They were used to store food by the Japanese. Lacquered wood lunch boxes first appeared during the Azuchi-Momoyama era (1568 to 1600).

Nowadays, Bento boxes frequently contain several little sections that Japanese people frequently utilize to store food and transport it to work. There are several versions and varieties of this product. It is ideal for folks who work in an office and brought food to lunch. Bento boxes are thus one of the high-quality things that you should purchase in Japan.

7. Japanese traditional dolls

Japanese traditional dolls
Japanese traditional dolls

Traditional Japanese dolls are also among the most popular items in souvenir shops. The majority of travelers purchase Japanese dolls as presents for family or as keepsakes. Dolls in Japan are more than just decorations and toys; they also have numerous spiritual implications, such as praying for the best of luck, tranquility, and fortune. There are many different varieties of traditional dolls, such as Damura Doll, Kansai Doll, Hina Doll, and so on. This is a distinct culture worth knowing about.


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