7 Best Things To Do in Goa Are Some Must-Try Experiences

If you’re a visitor to Goa, your schedule probably includes some beach hopping, relaxing at the shacks, partying at Tito’s, and sipping on some Feni. However, a true traveler wouldn’t be content with just that. Dig a little deeper and search for locations away from the tourist trail if you want to experience Goa’s heartbeat. Discover the best things to do in Goa by reading this article.

1. Explore Fontainhas – Panjim

A Portuguese trader named Antonio Joao de Sequeira founded the Fontainhas coconut plantation in the late 18th century. But Fontainhas eventually became a residential neighborhood once the Portuguese government’s administrative center was moved to Panjim. This area in Goa is referred to as the Latin Quarter and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While traversing the winding cobblestone alleys holding in hand, take in the splendor of the historic homes.

Travel the stunning white exterior of the 19th-century Chapel of St. Sebastian. A fantastic collection of modern and Scandinavian art may be seen in the Gitanjali Museum. The Fontainhas festival is observed in February when every home transforms into an art gallery showcasing unique works of art.

Explore Fontainhas – Panjim
Explore Fontainhas – Panjim

Important historical dates are commemorated in the street names. For instance, the route Rua 31 de Janeiro, or 31st January Road, was given this name since it was on this day in 1640 that Portugal gained independence from Spain. Visit the quaint coffee shops that are more than a century old as well.

2. Butterfly Conservatory – Pay A Visit

What should I do in Goa? You may stop at the Butterfly Conservatory on your way back from Goa’s beautiful spice fields to observe some of the happiest and most vibrant butterflies around. Not only that, but you can also feed those lovely creatures luscious fruits and watch them gleefully gather nectar. It certainly sounds amazing.

Enter one of North America’s biggest glass-enclosed butterfly conservatories to find a tropical garden haven. Over 2,000 vibrantly colored butterflies may be seen in the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, which has meandering paths lined with lush greenery and trickling waterfalls. An educational video presentation is shown at the start of your self-guided walking tour.

Navigate 180 meters of winding paths lined with stunning blossoms and towering tropical plants. Explore this lush sanctuary at your leisure! There are feeding trays where butterflies congregate to get a close-up view, carefully selected blossoms that draw these amazing animals, and a magnificent waterfall that evokes the feeling of being in a rainforest.

3. Visit Chapora Beach: Best Things To Do in Goa

Visit Chapora Beach: Best Things To Do in Goa 
Visit Chapora Beach: Best Things To Do in Goa

On the banks of the Chapora River, there is a coastal community here. The most popular attractions in Goa are available here, which is why visitors come to the state. Feel romantic while sunning on the beach lined with palm trees or partake in water activities like the local favorite, parasailing. One of the many booths offers to rent out a speedboat and a parachute.

Visit the Chapora Fort as well, which the Portuguese erected in the nineteenth century. Chapora’s streets are lined with pubs, upscale eateries, historic homes, and taverns. As a memento of your honeymoon in Goa, purchase handcrafted items from the seashore booths. Head to one of the numerous clubs in the evening for an amazing night of dancing and having a good time.

4. Have a Picnic at Dudhsagar Falls

Family outings aren’t complete until they include a picnic. And until you witness the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls, it might not sound like a terrific activity to do in Goa with family. Bring a picnic lunch, gather everyone, and drive to Dudhsagar Falls to enjoy its enormous plunge pool, play some board games nearby, and spend some quality time together.

This magnificent waterfall, which separates Goa from Karnataka, plunges from a height of 1017 feet. The name Dudhsagar, which translates as “sea of milk,” comes from the Mandovi River’s white water, which creates this impressive waterfall. Together, take in the unparalleled beauty of nature as the Mollem National Park’s thick forest blankets the area in a layer of greenery. From Panaji, which is 60 kilometers away, you may get to the location by bus or a private vehicle.

5. Spice Plantations – Take A Walk

Spice Plantations – Take A Walk
Spice Plantations – Take A Walk: best things to do in Goa

Looking for Goa activities other than the beaches? A spice plantation is one of the most unique places to see in Goa. Explore the aromatic fresh plantation and learn about the various spices. The Savoi gardens and Sahakar Spice Farm are two of the most well-known farms that you must see. You can interact with the majestic tuskers while admiring the natural beauty and roaming around the plantations, which is among the best things to do in Goa. Allow them to bathe you or spray water on your while you are laying on your back.

6. Express your Love in Style in A Reverie

A Reverie is a really gorgeous and pleasant home that is surrounded by a lovely green garden. A couple manages the restaurant, and they constantly make an effort to make the patrons feel welcome. Additional luxury is the proprietors’ kind welcome.

The elegant furnishings, Disco balls, elaborate lighting, and chandeliers provide the establishment, which is located on the vacation street in Calangute, with a combination of the traditional and contemporary vibe. The culinary process is built on the fusion of many cuisines, creating certain exclusive meals that are only available at A Reverie. Spend some time in Goa’s romantic atmosphere while dining a delicious meal with your partner.

7. Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping
Go Island Hopping: best things to do in Goa

Uncertain of what to do in Goa? They decided to go island hopping, which is a must-do activity in Goa. These isolated islands of Goa are maybe the most picturesque area of the state because they are far from the city noise and boisterous visitors. These remote settlements greet you with historic Portuguese-style homes dotting the terrain, rich foliage, and a charming atmosphere. They are many ferry journeys distant. Enjoy the atmosphere of the area, stuff yourself with some of the best breads you’ve ever had, and mingle with the friendly residents.

Goa is frequently referred to be India’s fun capital. More than 7000 clubs and casinos in Goa provide an incredibly exciting nightlife, which contrasts with the beautiful beaches, exhilarating water sports, stunning fauna, and fascinating natural beauties that make your day unforgettable. Additionally, there are many romantic places in Goa where the stunning scenery and delectable fare create the ideal ambiance for a candlelit supper. Goa has countless attractions, from beaches to hilltops, casinos to historic forts. However, some locations stand out, and you can read in detail about the best things to do in Goa in this post.


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