7 things to do at night in Delhi that you should visit

Delhi is a city that bustles with terrible traffic and many business activities if you visit during the day. However, once dusk falls, the Indian capital assumes a new appearance. Without a better phrase, its nightlife is just wonderful. There are numerous things to do at night in Delhi, from taking ghost tours and late-night meals at street restaurants to partying hard till dawn. Would you want to see this energetic side of India’s capital city? Get up from your comfortable bed and leave your Delhi hotel. Here is a summary of the things to do at night in Delhi has to offer for an amazing night.

1. Visit Mocha Art House: things to do at night in Delhi

Visit Mocha Art House
Visit Mocha Art House: things to do at night in Delhi

Visit Mocha Art House to watch live cricket and other events. Mocha Art House, located in DLF, Promenade, Vasant Kunj, is the ideal spot for cricket fans who like watching thrilling cricket events live on the big screen. Don’t forget to bring some delectable homemade treats and your pals. It is among the top destinations in Delhi for family outings at night.

Sitting outside with friends while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a thrilling cricket match is a beautiful experience. The location is renowned for its excellent ambiance and wide selection of delectable North Indian dishes. A night out at Mocha Art House is all you need to unwind, unwind, and have a good time, whether it’s a casual day or the birthday of your closest buddy.

2. Attend the Light and Sound Show at the Red Fort

The Red Fort, also known as Lal Qila, stands out among Delhi’s other ancient sites. Shah Jahan created this architectural wonder, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and draws millions of visitors each year. A breathtaking light and sound display that recounts the glorious history of the city is one of the top things to do in Delhi at night offered by the location after dusk. It is regarded as one of the greatest light and sound performances in India and provides both entertainment and education. The shows run for an hour apiece and are conducted in both Hindi and English.

3. Go Visit Some Buddies At JNU

This university, known for its challenging admissions, is lively and bustling all through the night (and day) a scholastic atmosphere filled with dhabas, snack courts, and canteens everywhere! One excellent location to explore is JNU. However, we advise you to travel there with somebody who either lives in college or is familiar with the area. For great meals, visit their food court, which is open 24/7. Perhaps you can also see the dawn at Parthasarathy Rocks while you’re out and about.

4. Nehru Planetarium – Travel To Space

Nehru Planetarium – Travel To Space
Nehru Planetarium – Travel To Space: things to do at night in Delhi

Nehru Planetarium, a favorite picnic location in Delhi for schoolchildren, is likely to wow you if you’re a fan of astronomy! At the Nehru Planetarium, spend the afternoon escaping to a distant galaxy. As you visit one of the most fascinating and enjoyable locations in Delhi for a great day out, let the stars, planets, and solar systems in the sky display fascinate you. Even while it isn’t as trendy as Delhi’s more up-to-date and upscale attractions, the interesting learning opportunities it offers make it one of the city’s most enjoyable hangout spots. Don’t forget to stop by to discover everything there is to know about the celestial bodies overhead.

5. Hauz Khas – Relive History

Recently, Hauz Khas Village was listed as one of Delhi’s top tourist destinations for fun. One of the nicest picnic areas in Delhi has a fort that looks out over a gorgeous lake, a Deer Park, and alleys studded with cafés, bookstores, art museums, and boutiques, not to mention a ton of things to get you in a tizzy! Given that Hauz Khas is teeming with trendy and happening cafés and restaurants, you’ll discover a ton of interesting and enjoyable venues to spend your birthdays in Delhi with friends on a budget when you’re here. Look no further if you’re looking for places to go in Delhi with buddies!

6. Enter India Gate – Pay Tribute to the Warriors

There is no need to introduce this historical place in the capital. India Gate is a war memorial that was built on the Rajpath route to remember the Indian soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their motherland. It pays tribute to the young soldiers’ sacrifices and difficulties, who fought valiantly and with pride. The gate, which was built during the colonial era, represents British architecture. Nearly all of the names of the troops who lost their lives in World War 1 are listed on it.

The magnificent structure known as India Gate draws visitors from all over the world. In Delhi, it is a must-see location. India Gate is one of the nicest places in New Delhi at night since it is lit. At nightfall, stroll along Rajpath Road to get some spellbinding images of this beautiful war memorial.

There are several street booths and old-fashioned Dhabas, both of which provide really good cuisine, so you don’t need to carry any food or drinks. After finishing your tour of the India Gate, proceed to Pandara Road. There are several food stands and cafés in this area that serve unhealthy meals like Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Chaat, Papdi, etc. The palace is accessible to guests until three in the morning.

7. Let’s Have Some Adventure in Agrasen Ki Baoli

When it comes to adventure and entertaining activities, we often think of parasailing, trekking, hiking, campaigning, and boating. Fortunately, adventure is not only reserved for everyday enjoyment. Do you desire to engage in genuine adventure? What about spending the night at the historic site known for its eerie legends and strange ambiance? If you are a Delhi resident, you probably already know about the location we’re referring to. An old structure called Agrasen Ki Baoli has 103 stairs that lead to a water reservoir.

Agrasen Ki Baoli
Agrasen Ki Baoli: things to do at night in Delhi

The stairs appear to be really lovely. The entire building is made of red sandstone, a style that dates back hundreds of years. Agrasen, the monarch of that time, built the Baoli in the capital city in the 14th century. Agrasen Ki Baoli is not just among the most well-liked tourist destinations in Delhi, but it is also one of the most spooky locations.

The atmosphere is peaceful. You will hear odd noises as you begin to descend the monument’s steps. Some visitors even claimed to have felt a spooky monster following them, especially as they approached the reservoir. They never encountered anyone when they turned around. You may hear the strange sound of footsteps if you go more quickly.

Overall, it is the ideal illustration of a spooky, exciting vacation. It’s not easy to stroll around the monument. For adventure seekers who are constantly looking for something new and thrilling, a visit to Agrasen Ki Baoli at midnight is a must. It is filled with mystery and bizarre legends.

Why waste time switching between TV stations when there are so many intriguing things to do at night in Delhi? Plan a night out, either by yourself or with family and friends, and enjoy it to the fullest.