A comparison of GoDaddy dedicated server hosting vs VPS

Do you want to compare GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting to VPS? So you’ve reached the right place. By the end of this post, you will get a basic knowledge of the different GoDaddy hosting solutions, what they differ, and the advantages that each provides.

You may well be wondering what a VPS & dedicated server are right away. I’m glad you inquired. We’ll get through that in greater detail shortly. But first, let’s go over the fundamentals.

What is the distinction between GoDaddy VPS hosting & dedicated server hosting?

To begin understanding the variations between GoDaddy VPS & dedicated server hosting, define each hosting type. So let us begin there.

distinction between GoDaddy VPS hosting & dedicated server hosting

What is a VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation for virtual private servers. However, this alone does not tell us plenty about what it is or how it works.

As a result, it’s a good idea to start with shared web hosting as a baseline to gain a deeper understanding of VPS hosting or how it works.

So, why is that? The main reason is that concerning resource management and allocation, GoDaddy VPS hosting works similarly to shared hosting.

So, what does this all mean?

Consider it in terms of how shared web hosting operates. Multiple accounts, as well as users, share the very same running on a single server or computer with shared hosting.

As a result, all of the users sponsored on that server are continuously leveraging or sharing resources from such a server at all times. Bandwidth,  RAM, and CPU storage are examples of server resources.

In theory, if one user or website consumes more resources, this can slow down or affect all of the other websites hosted on that server since less evidence becomes available to others.

So, how does this make shared hosting comparable to VPS hosting?

VPS hosting versus shared hosting

Shared hosting seems to be similar to VPS hosting in the sense that GoDaddy VPS hosting plans communicate server resources among their users. The difference is that rather than sharing a server’s entire resource pool with its users, GoDaddy VPS hosting offers users  dedicated resources from a server in a secluded hosting environment.

That is, while multiple websites are still hosted on  a VPS,  a single server ensures that resource usage doesn’t really interfere with other users hosted on the same server. This way, when one user uses more server resources than another, performance is not affected.

As an Example

Let us use an example to make this notion more concrete.

Assume that a server does have a maximum of 10 GB of RAM available. There are ten websites hosted on that server, including yours.

As a result, you may only receive 1 G

B of the total of 10 GB of RAM obtainable on that server. The remaining 9 GB of RAM then are allocated to the server’s other 9 sites (1 GB per site).

This is where it varies from shared hosting.

Under a sharable web hosting plan, ten sites would share the server’s 10 GB of RAM. You wouldn’t even have 1 GB of RAM exclusively for yourself. Somewhat more, all 10 GB of RAM would’ve been shared as community property among all ten sites.

The 1 GB of RAM dedicated to you with GoDaddy VPS hosting is yours alone.

In many other words, 100percent of the 1 GB of RAM dedicated to you is only used by you and is never distributed with every other site hosted on the same server.

This concept also applies to other kinds of assets provided by servers to their users, such as storage.

So, to wrap this up neatly, with GoDaddy VPS hosting, you are essentially assigned a dedicated substantial part of a domain controller that is shared with multiple users.

Because shared hosting does not provide dedicated resources, you must share all of the server’s resources with every one of the sites hosted on the same server.

How does a VPS from GoDaddy provide dedicated resources?

GoDaddy VPS hosting seems to be able to do is provide resources allocated to its users by using a technology known as a hypervisor.

VPS from GoDaddy

So, what exactly is a hypervisor?

A hypervisor, as well as kernel-based virtual machine monitor and VMM, is software used to create virtual machines for every service user.

This is what allows GoDaddy VPS hosting plan users to be in a separate hosting environment from those other users on the very same server. Furthermore, this enables users to modify their part of the server as they choose fit.

Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting Condominium Comparison

After doing some research on this topic, you may come across an analogy that is used to make comparisons examples of web hosting. This is how it goes.

Assume that a condominium construction represents a single server.

GoDaddy VPS hosting is approximately equivalent to having owned one condo unit inside the building. You are free to decorate and customize it as you see fit, and no one else is permitted to use your condo but apart from you. You get your own washrooms, kitchen, parking space, and electricity, among other amenities. However, you do not own the entire structure.

As a result, the building has additional tenants.  In this regard, GoDaddy VPS hosting customers are similar to personal tenants in such a condominium building.

Conversely, shared hosting will be the same as if there were no dedicated components in the building. Everyone would be able to stay inside any room they desired, as well as use each other’s electricity, clean water, or parking space.

This analogy is slightly exaggerated, but it illustrates the point of how hosting plans differs from VPS hosting.

So, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to GoDaddy dedicated server hosting.

What exactly is really a dedicated server?

Using the earlier case, if VPS hosting is equivalent to owning a single condo unit in a building. So, GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting is equivalent to owning the entire structure. Having said that, GoDaddy dedicated server hosting provides you with 100 percent of the resource base of a physical server for one or sites.

dedicated server

You only have a dedicated part of a server with VPS hosting. Bare metal servers are another term for dedicated servers.

Because all of the server’s resources are given access to a specific user (tenant), dedicated servers provide numerous benefits to their users. As a result, users have the most control over the management as well as the configuration of their server.

In addition to getting access to all of the server’s resources, users can also choose the server’s equipment and physical hardware, or the software it runs on. Customers who require higher levels of power, control, and configuration benefit greatly from this.

You have the option of using Intel or AMD processors with GoDaddy dedicated hosting. Not only can you tailor hardware, but you can also tailor the software to your particular needs.

Plus the fact that servers provide users with complete resource allocation, there seem to be a total of other advantages to using this form of hosting service. More on that later.

But first, let’s go over another crucial concept in VPS & GoDaddy dedicated server hosting. That is the distinction between GoDaddy VPS as well as dedicated servers that are self-managed and fully managed.

Self Management vs. Full Management VPS as well as dedicated servers from GoDaddy

Whether you go with a Virtual server or a dedicated hosting, you will need to decide, however you want one server managed. You can select from the following options with GoDaddy dedicated server hosting as well as VPS:

Fully Managed Self-Managed

So, let’s go over each option one by one.

The simplest way to make sense of this notion is as follows: You have complete control over your server with self-managed hosting. The control of your server is handled for you with highly scalable GoDaddy VPS and dedicated server hosting.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but a good rule of thumb is that if you require technical server administration capacity to handle your server or have someone who can manage your server for you, a self-managed hosting plan may be the better option.

However, if you lack these prerequisites or simply lack the time and keep up with the tasks usually associated with server management, managed service hosting is now almost definitely the better option to pursue.

So, with that out of the way, what’s the distinction between the two?

GoDaddy VPS as well as dedicated servers are self-managed.

You are given the hardware for both self-managed did manage VPS and self-managed dedicated servers but are then able to take responsibility for the setup and configuration. In other words, you’re equipped with the tools, but just how you configure and maintain your server is entirely up to you.

This may sound such as music to some, especially if absolute control over your server is what you seek. Some may not think this is something they want to deal with. It might be even harder tasks.

So, what precisely are you in charge of when you host a self-managed GoDaddy VPS and dedicated server?

You would’ve been responsible for basic duties including WordPress installation and more complicated things like an installation as well as maintenance of the technology solutions that your server will really be operating on with self-managed VPS and GoDaddy dedicated hosting.

Assume you are developing a WordPress website. This implies that you will also have to download PHP modules as well as a web server, such as Apache or Nginx.

You are granted root access with self-managed GoDaddy VPS as well as dedicated server hosting, giving you more authority over your hosting environment or how it is configured.

As previously stated, some people adore this. Others, however, are less enthusiastic. However, this is mainly the technical level.

GoDaddy VPS as well as dedicated servers are fully managed.

All technical aspects of server setup as well as management are a simple methodology for you like fully managed VPS or fully managed dedicated servers. In many ways, it’s the polar opposite of self-managed hosting.

This is especially appealing to users because they get all of the advantages of GoDaddy hosting services as well as VPS without having to worry about web servers. The server’s arrangement, maintenance, and management are handled by the hosting provider.

It’s important to note that centrally managed plans are more expensive than self-managed hosting plans. However, for many users who choose this option for their VPS as well as a dedicated server, the time, as well as frustration stored in the long run, as well as frustration saved in the long term seems to be worth it.

Going this route, it’s almost as though your server is already on autopilot, with none of the benefits that GoDaddy VPS, as well as dedicated servers, provide. Indeed, some may argue that fully managed hosting is the most beneficial of all sophisticated hosting options.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy dedicated hosting and VPS?

Let’s just say it plainly. These are the most obvious advantages and disadvantages of VPS like against dedicated server hosting.

The benefits and drawbacks of GoDaddy VPS hosting

What are the advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy dedicated hosting hosting and VPS


In terms of cost, it is less expensive than a dedicated server.

Access to a physical server’s dedicated resources

Hosting environment that is partially isolated

Simple to expand hosting plan (resource upgrades/shifting)

With really no connectivity to server hardware, configuration options are limited.

Only limited access to a physical server’s full resources

The benefits and drawbacks of GoDaddy dedicated server hosting

Access to all of a physical server’s resources

Complete command over the server’s configuration, hardware, and software.

Hosting environment that is completely isolated


In terms of cost, dedicated hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting.

Because of physical division as opposed to virtual division, it is slightly more difficult to change resources than VPS.

Should you go with a GoDaddy dedicated server or even a virtual private server?

The answers to these questions is entirely dependent on your specific requirements. However, after considering the positives and negatives of each, as well as the specifics of each option, you should have a pretty good idea of which option you’re leaning towards.

Keep in mind that, while GoDaddy VPS hosting becomes less cost-prohibitive than GoDaddy dedicated server hosting, it has limitations. Specifically, because you don’t have your own database hardware, you have access to limited resources and the ability to configure your server exactly how you want.

But that isn’t always a bad thing. In actuality, for many people, this is perfectly acceptable. In either case, the cost is something you’ll want to consider when deciding between a GoDaddy VPS and a dedicated server.

The three main key questions to ask yourself are

  • What will you use your hosting for?
  • How resource-intensive are my requirements?
  • How much am I prepared to spend?

Answering that question should point you in the right direction.

If you require the much more powerful hosting obtainable that can handle high traffic, a GoDaddy dedicated server may have been the best option for you.

However, if you don’t need the most control and power but still want to have resources allocated to your hosting solution, GoDaddy VPS hosting could be a better fit.

Final thoughts on GoDaddy dedicated server hosting and VPS

As previously stated, GoDaddy VPS but also dedicated servers are some of the most expensive hosting plans available. Each option offers a distinct set of benefits to users.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option and how they compare favorably against your requirements when deciding which path to take.

To summarize what we discussed today, a VPN server, or VPS, provides you with resources allocated from a domain controller that is got to share with other users. On the other hand, your allotted resources aren’t shared with the other users, allowing you to host one site in a separate hosting environment.

You can add more committed resources as needed and scale up and down as needed.

With GoDaddy single server hosting, you have complete access to an entire physical server. This implies you have full access to all of the server’s resources and can set up one’s server configurations to your exact specifications. You can even choose the software and hardware that will run on your server.

Because GoDaddy physical servers have been allocated to single tenants, there is no resource sharing with others.

In aspects of how one’s server is managed, GoDaddy VPS hosting as well as dedicated server hosting both offer self-managed managed and fully managed options.

Self-managed management is perfect for users who have furthered technical expertise in web servers and would like to manage their own GoDaddy VPS and dedicated server.

Fully managed is indeed a greater option for customers who either don’t have the time or the necessary server management skills.

Finally, consider GoDaddy VPS versus dedicated server hosting.

After all of this, here is one last thought to help you make a decision.

If you’re unsure, begin with a virtual private server. It’s a good place to start and an introduction to dedicated hosting. If you later discover that you require more resources or that your site is experiencing increased traffic, you always can consider upgrading to a dedicated server. If you’re already there, go straight to server management hosting.

In any case, I hope this article was useful in evaluating GoDaddy dedicated server hosting as well as VPS options.

Do you have any further questions about GoDaddy VPS v / s dedicated server hosting?

Which is better, a virtual private server or a dedicated server?

GoDaddy dedicated server hosting & VPS are both highly secure, providing greater safety for your server environment. Furthermore, with every sort of hosting, you could perhaps configure your own apps or configure configurations to your liking. In most cases, even so, GoDaddy dedicated hosting provides the most control, performance, and power.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a GoDaddy dedicated server?

Organizations and individuals that demand the most dominance and influence from their hosting solution should consider GoDaddy dedicated server hosting. Whilst the dedicated server is typically the most expensive hosting option, it also provides the most advantages in terms of functionality. A dedicated server could be worth it for those who require the power to fully personalize their web server based on specific needs.

Is GoDaddy VPS superior to shared hosting?

Yes, in terms of results and customization. However, such robust hosting may not have been required in all cases. Shared hosting is an excellent choice for small commercial and personal websites or blogs. It is just less expensive. GoDaddy VPS hosting is generally more expensive, but it provides you with far more adaptability and asset limits with your plan. VPS hosting is also thought to provide better overall security and performance.

Is a VPS better than a VPN?

Though the acronyms VPS, as well as VPN, are very equal (and are frequently confused for each other because), they are genuinely two very different services. VPS continues to stand for virtual server and is a method of hosting websites in a virtual comfortable setting. As a result, the moniker.

VPN needs to stand for virtual private network, and it is a provider that protects your confidentiality when browsing the internet in public places. It accomplishes this by trying to extend a network along with a public network, ensuring that all information given across the VPN is secure and protected from the security flaws of an insecure network.

Having said that, VPS is not always superior to VPN even though they serve entirely different functions. However, when used in tandem, they can both help to improve your overall cybersecurity. However, directly comparing the two is just like comparing apples to oranges.

What are the advantages of using a GoDaddy dedicated server?

A GoDaddy dedicated server provides a number of advantages that other types of hosting do not. Among these advantages are:

Maximum power, control, and adaptability

Use of only dedicated resources

DDoS safety at the system level is included in the strong security.

Next-generation servers with ultra-fast SSDs or HDDs

High reliability and performance

Among many other significant advantages

What is the cost of a GoDaddy dedicated server?

To begin, the average price of a GoDaddy single hosting is between $100 and $200 per month. Different factors, provided by the server, may influence the overall cost of a dedicated server.

In conclusion

These are all things about the comparison of GoDaddy dedicated server hosting vs VPS. Hope this article will help you to have a deeper understanding of this concept.