7 Best Hotels Near Mount Everest For Travellers

Of course, you want to see Mount Everest from the greatest angles while you’re in the Everest region. This itinerary will cover all of the best Mount Everest viewing sites, whether you choose to hike simply the Everest Base Camp trek or expand it to include the Gokyo Lakes and/or Three Passes. Continue reading to find out more about these hotels near Mount Everest to discover what makes this area among the greatest in the world.

1. Hotel Everest Inn: Hotels Near Mount Everest

In Gorakshep, Nepal, a brand-new hotel called Hotel Everest Inn has just opened up near to Everest base camp. It provides comfortable lodging with historic architectural decor. Near the EBC, cozy dining with top-notch cuisine and Sherpa friendliness offers a distinctive experience.

There aren’t many hotels or lodges in Gorakshep, including Himalayan Lodge. The greatest hotel in Gorak Shep, Gorakshep, offers dining and lodging services to tourists.

Hotel Everest Inn
Hotel Everest Inn: Hotels Near Mount Everest

2. Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse

Only 4 kilometers separate EBC from Rongbuk Monastery, which is 4,980 meters above sea level and situated close to the north slope of Mount Everest. Since the tents at base camp will be taken down at this period, the Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse is the only option to stay close to Mount Everest in the winter.

The guesthouse has roughly 30 rooms, which can be either twin or dorm-style. Five adults can sleep in the dorm room, and during the busiest times, even more people can. Although the twin rooms are in high demand, reservations are usually required. There is linen in every room, including electric blankets. In the room, there are also power outlets, lights, hot water bottles, a desk, and seats.

The guesthouse at the monastery appears to be ill-equipped on the interior, but it has extremely clean rooms and a tiny cafeteria that serves straightforward Chinese and Tibetan food and beverages like noodles, milk, and other items.

The Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse is available all year round, although owing to its special position, the cost may be quite costly. But it provides a fantastic view of the sun setting and rising over Mount Everest. It’s both tough and exhilarating to stay here.

Imagine looking up at the greatest vista of Mount Everest after getting out of bed and brushing your teeth. What a moving experience! Enjoy both cake and ice cream. Because of this, so many travelers are ready to take a chance.

3. Buddha Lodge

Buddha Lodge
Buddha Lodge: Hotels Near Mount Everest

Budget Buddha Lodge is not advised because of the owner, management, personnel, and poor quality of the cuisine they provide; nonetheless, if no other accommodations are available, you must go there anyhow. A Cheap Hotel in Gorak Shep is the Buddha Lodge Gorak Shep & Restaurant.

The top four tea houses, lodges, or hotels in Gorakshep are excellent; they provide the highest-quality food, and their owners and personnel are kind and welcoming.

Accommodation at inns en route from Jiri, Salleri, and Lukla to Everest base camp in Nepal & hotels nearby Mount Everest with packages list offered by trekking agency Kathmandu, Nepal.

4. Hotels at Tingri

Mountain climbers and trekkers frequently utilize Tingri as a base when preparing to trek Mount Everest. Tingri is located 107 kilometers north-west of Mount Everest at an elevation of roughly 4,300 meters. As a town, Tingri’s hotel amenities surpass those of other locations close to Mount Everest.

There are two hotels that come highly rated and feature top-notch support services: Tingri Everest Shanghai Hotel and Tingri Qomolangma Hotel. Three luxury suites and 36 basic rooms, all with cable TV, water heating, and international and domestic telephones, are available at the two-star Tingri Everest Shanghai Hotel. Delicious Chinese and Western food is served in the restaurant, which also has a bar.

Additionally a two-star hotel, the Tingri Qomolangma Hotel offers a large number of standard rooms with private bathrooms. There is seating for 120 people in the hotel’s restaurant. Additionally, a bar, conference room, and business center are accessible.

In comparison to Shigatse or Lhasa, the hotels and guesthouses in Tingri are often relatively poor. But visitors who remain here gain a lot by doing so. First off, you’ll feel warmer and more comfortable at a lower altitude, which may significantly reduce your chance of getting altitude sickness.

Additionally, the journey to EBC only takes a little while, and the views along the way might make you feel as though everything is perfect. In reality, a growing number of visitors like posing for pictures of Mount Everest near Gawula Pass.

5. Hotels in Tashi Dzom

Tashi Dzom
Tashi Dzom

At the lowest elevation (3950 meters) in the vicinity of Everest Base Camp, Tashi Dzom is an alternate lodging option in the Everest region. It is situated between Tingri and Everest Base Camp. In general, if you choose to spend the night here, you might not get altitude sickness. Additionally, you will spend less time travelling to EBC from Tashi Dzom.

There are a few modest guesthouses in the Tibetan style. The Cho Mo Lang Ma Ben Ba Guest House is the suggested lodging option; nevertheless, the inside is likewise quite subpar. Expect to share a room with 2-4 other people in extremely simple but clean housing, and use shared squat toilets as a tradeoff for the experience.

Although there are duvets available, it is advised that you bring your own sleeping bag for extra warmth. As a tip, make sure the room gets enough ventilation at night (leave the door slightly ajar) to prevent oxygen levels from dropping.

6. Hotels in Gyantse

Since Gyantse is a county, the hotels there are not as excellent as those in Lhasa. We all know that there are fewer hotels available in rural locations. You must thus mentally and emotionally get ready to travel to the faraway area. The best hotel in Gyantse is the Gyantse Hotel, which has a room rate of around 50 USD. The breakfast costs $10 USD per person and is often decent. In the winter, the hot water is plenty heated compared to other hotels. The Gyangze Hotel is close to Gyantse Fortress, one of Tibet’s best-preserved Dzongs, and is surrounded by a variety of regional specialties eateries.

It is easier to get lodging if you wish to stay at the guest home, without a doubt. Guest houses are really basic; they don’t have showers, but they do provide a thermos bottle of hot water for washing your hands and face. Bathroom sharing is required. 2-4 dormitories sharing a space. Chinese porridge and steam toast are provided for breakfast. No warmth during the cold, unclean bedding, English-speaking host. Gyantse Jianzang Hotel is what we advise.

7. Hotels in Shigatse

Hotels in Shigatse
Hotels in Shigatse

In Shigatse, there are more hotels and they have considerably superior amenities. You do not have to be concerned about lodging because Shigatse has a lot of motels. The Shigatse Manasarovar Resort, Jiumu Yamei Hotel, Zanglong Grand Hotel, Shigatse Guesthouse, Shigatse Yak Hotel, and other 3 to 4 star hotels are examples of those that may be found. The Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel, Jiumu Yamei Hotel, and Shigatse Hotel are the top picks. In the winter, accommodations are typically warm and cozy, and breakfast is satisfactory. The bedding is spotless.

Particularly recommended is the Manasarovar Hotel. The hotel has a Tibetan design, and each room has a telephone, TV, and air conditioning. Shigatse’s historic local Tibetan settlement with its market is close by, and access to the Tashilumpo monastery is relatively simple because to its location in the city center. The Tashilumpo monastery, founded in 1447 by the First Dalai Lama, is a historic and significant monastery in Shigatse. The entire name of the monastery in Tibetan means “all fortune and pleasure collected here” or “stack of glory.” Therefore, if you visit Shigatse, it is a must-see location.


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