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The 5 best Asian food in San Diego tourists should try

It is evident from American eating customs that individuals adore variety. America’s restaurants are bursting with variety, blending different racial groups, culinary regions, and cultural traditions into scrumptious mashups.

Downtown San Diego offers an unusual mix of quick food, hip new companies, and established mom-and-pop restaurants that have been there for many years. Among them are best Asian food in San Diego serving everything from classic favorites to modern fusion.

The 5 best Asian food in San Diego appreciated

Sushi Tadokoro

A simple and small restaurant that specializes in traditional sashimi and nigiri and serves beer and sake.

Sushi Tadokoro in San Diego
Sushi Tadokoro in San Diego

I could go on and on about Sushi Tadakoro. They recently received their first Michelin Star. They were essentially a one-room mom-and-pop store in a strip mall. The only way to make reservations was over the phone, and their website was hardly usable. They were dealing with the effects of their new Star when I was organizing my trip to San Diego. They were completely unprepared for the sudden influx of new clients and attention. They had to alter, thus Tock was used to improve their website and enable online reservations.

Everything is good. Some of the selections were already sold out when I made my reservation one month in advance, early in the morning. So make a plan. I adore the little size of the area. There was room in the entire restaurant for maybe 20 individuals. I ordered the omakase, so the sushi chefs could see me sitting at the sushi counter. They offer a decent variety of rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and simple appetizers. Everything is available à la carte, which is convenient. But their omakase is the major attraction. You make a one-time payment and let the sushi chefs to lead you on a gourmet adventure featuring the purest fish you’ve ever tasted.

A tiny piece of grilled Chilean sea bass follows. It needs no further explanation that this was simply amazing. Oh my God. Then, we consumed at least six nigiri with just one brush of soy sauce. All very nice. We finished with a bowl of rice and roe and some type of really straightforward, exquisitely sweetened custard. Although I can’t recall what each fish was specifically, they were all excellent. The interesting part is that for several days following my dinner, I was able to recall each item’s flavor, texture, and mouthfeel.

Sushi Tadokoro restaurant-best Asian food in San Diego
Sushi Tadokoro restaurant

Undoubtedly, the majority of the sushi was fantastic. I adore the ambiance of the restaurant; it’s just quiet enough for me. But gosh, I’m expecting perfect sushi from a Michelin-starred establishment. However, the rice was chilly in part of the sushi. In my opinion, that is a sharp detraction of points. The ordinary tuna was also incredibly stringy; it wasn’t chutoro or otoro. Even though it’s not supposed to be greasy, it was still worse than any quick sushi I’ve ever had. The disposable chopsticks also confuse me. I had hoped for a little bit more given the price and the excitement.

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen

Busy restaurant selling Chinese food in a contemporary setting, including homemade noodles, soup dumplings, and more.

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen, San Diego
Shan Xi Magic Kitchen, San Diego

The Shaanxi Province, which should not be confused with the nearby Shanxi Province, is located just north of the more well-known Sichuan Province. It is famous for the Terracotta Army, the Hukou Waterfall, and biang biang noodles, which is renowned as the most difficult Chinese character to write with 57 strokes. The hand-ripped noodles are long, wide, and chewy, and they’re covered in a ground-chili and soy-based sauce.

Other standout dishes on the menu include the Yang Rou Pao Mo, a flavorful lamb soup dotted with cubes of dense bread that, after soaking up the broth, take on the consistency of dumplings, and tofu pidan, a straightforward, affordable dish made with silken tofu, a thousand-year-old egg, minced garlic, spring onions, and Chinese vinegar.

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen offers the best Asian food in San Diego, prepared in an authentic manner and presented using cutting-edge methods, including burgers, noodle soup, buns, and satays. The restaurant offers the same menu for online ordering as well. Their burgers, which include spicy cumin lamb and stewed pig, are unmistakably different from popular American burgers.

Phuong Trang

Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine that is both traditional and inventive, delivered in a casual environment in generous servings.

Phuong Trang Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine
Phuong Trang Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine



Since 1992, Phuong Trang has been a go-to place for Vietnamese comfort food. Over 200 things are offered on the comprehensive menu, including all the familiar favorites like pho, rice porridge, hot pots and vermicelli soups, and a variety of stir-fried dishes. The menu is completed by standout selections including catfish steaks stewed in caramelized fish sauce, Dungeness crab or Maine lobster in their distinctive house sauce, and Manila clams sauteed in garlic, Thai basil, and onion.

Mekong Restaurant

A laid-back strip mall eatery offers a variety of Thai and Lao dishes in a quiet setting.

Mekong Cuisine offers both Laotian and Thai cuisine, fusing two distinct culinary cultures. This eatery is well-known for its “family-style” soups, which are served in bowls shaped like donuts and are scooped out for each customer. Therefore, we advise that you appreciate the Mekong River at its best in a large group.

Mekong Lao and Thai Restaurant in San Diego
Mekong Lao and Thai Restaurant in San Diego

Thai food is one of my all-time favorite Asian dishes. And I can vouch for the fact that this is one of my best Asian food in San Diego. I’m not from around here originally. Drunken Noodles and Red Curry have always been two of my favorite Thai foods. Both were served to me with chicken and a level 4 of spice. I could suggest a 1 or 2 if you can’t tolerate spice instead than a 4 or 5. This would always be my go-to Thai restaurant if I lived here. If you haven’t, you must. Additionally, the service was outstanding.

Menya Ultra Hillcrest

Menya Ultra Hillcrest in San Diego-best Asian food in San Diego
Menya Ultra Hillcrest in San Diego

The headliner of legendary ramen chef Takashi Endo’s decadent tonkotsu, miso, and tantanmen bowls are chewy, springy noodles. While the main noodle manufacturer in San Diego, Ryosuske Goto, imports wheat from Hokkaido, Japan, alkaline water, and salt without the use of artificial colors or preservatives, a central facility in Japan produces over 100,000 servings of noodles each month for his Japanese outlets. Their flavor and aroma of wheat blend wonderfully with the broths and toppings from the limited menu.

To sum up, this article is the best Asian food in San Diego I update for tourists when traveling this city. I hope you could try and have some reviews about these address.

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