The 6 beautiful free attractions in Tokyo for savers

Most people have always wanted to visit Japan, but because it is so expensive to travel, eat, and live here, especially in the capital Tokyo, tourists must also be well prepared and take your financial condition into account.

As a result, the free attractions in Tokyo are must-see locations. Let’s take a stroll and check out the six well-known, free, and picturesque Tokyo tourist sites listed below.

Traveling Tokyo at Meiji

In Yoyogi Park, west of Tokyo, Meiji Jingu is one of the most alluring and well-known tourist attractions. It was constructed in 1920 to honor the 122nd Emperor, who oversaw the Meiji Restoration in 1868 and transformed Japan into a powerful empire.

Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken, who lay the cornerstones of contemporary Japan, are honored at the shrine known as Meiji Jingu. It was damaged during World War II and afterwards reconstructed after being constructed in 1920. Meiji Jingu is situated in a lovely woodland covering around 708,200 m2. This forest contains a variety of trees donated by people from all across Japan. Meiji Jingu plays a significant role in Tokyo inhabitants’ daily lives. When there are important occasions, such prayers or offerings when a child is born, people frequently come here. It also occurs when you reach a stage of life that is seen as significant.

In addition to taking in the serene surroundings and verdant gardens at the Emperor Meiji Temple in Tokyo, tourists can partake in some of the country’s more distinctive customs by purchasing amulets, peace charms, or writing their wishes on a little wooden board and hanging it from an ancient tree. The Meji also serves as the location for traditional Shinto weddings.

Traveling Tokyo at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo-free attractions in tokyo
Traveling Tokyo at Meiji Jingu in Tokyo

This will undoubtedly be a terrific destination if you want to fly to Tokyo on your own and schedule to experience the wonders of Japan’s history and culture.

Visit the Meiji Jingu Treasure Hall when you are in Meiji Jingu as it is situated nearby. You may observe the pattern of Japan’s evolution into a contemporary country through clothes through a variety of displays, such as the introduction of imperial dress, kimonos, and Western clothing. In search of a memento to bring home? There are numerous kiosks selling sweets and crafts, so don’t worry. The general public can visit Meiji with free attractions in Tokyo.

Free attractions in Tokyo Skytree

A famous structure that displays the attractiveness of contemporary Japan is the Tokyo Skytree. The tower, which rises 634 meters above the surface of the earth, is regarded as the world’s highest building. The Tokyo Skytree is situated in Tokyo Skytree Town, a community that also features a mall, an aquarium, a number of dining options, and gift shops.

Free attractions in Tokyo Skytree and Fuji mountain view
Free attractions in Tokyo Skytree and Fuji mountain view

There are two viewing decks in the tower. It’s an excellent location for taking in expansive views over Tokyo and the Kanto region. Three stories make up the Tembo Deck, an observation deck. 350 meters above sea level, glass windows on every story provide city views. Climb the Tembo corridor to leave a memorable and dizzying impression 450 meters above the ground. Glass windows and iron rails create a distinctive ambience. You don’t have to ascend to the observatory, that’s fine. Anywhere in Tokyo, you can see the magnificent, cutting-edge Tokyo Skytree.

Free Tokyo Tour in Ginza

Visitors won’t pass up the chance to cruise the streets and enjoy themselves even if Ginza is regarded as Tokyo’s high-class entertainment paradise with numerous pricey shops, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafés. Play here to book cheap flights to Tokyo.

Additionally, there are a number of distinctively designed and built structures in this busy region that will make stunning backgrounds for your photographs.

Sumida Park

Many people visit Sumida Park each spring to take in the stunning pink cherry blossoms that bloom along the Sumida River’s banks. These trees, with their pink flowers, are supposed to have been planted by the eighth shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune. Locals and visitors who want to picnic under the cherry trees and observe the falling petals now frequent this location frequently.

Cherry blossoms bloom along the Sumida River
Cherry blossoms bloom along the Sumida River

Beautiful lanterns are lit at Sumida Park after sunset to add color to the night. To gain a better perspective of the cherry blossoms, some visitors go on riverboat trips. If you intend to spend a lot of time in the beautiful park in the evenings, bring a coat or blanket. To get to Sumida Park, use the metro and get off at Asakusa Station.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a well-known structure that serves as the city of Tokyo’s emblem. Tokyo Tower, modeled after the Eiffel Tower, was finished in 1958 because the Kanto region required a sizable transmission tower. Tokyo Tower resembles the Eiffel Tower in appearance, although it is 13 meters taller. Even now, it serves as a transmission tower.

Tokyo Tower at night
Tokyo Tower at night

The tower has two 150- and 250-meter-high indoor observation decks, as well as a number of amenities like a gift store, a game room, a restaurant, a fast food restaurant, and an amusement park. Many rides, particularly in amusement parks, evoke fond memories. The live music performances presented every Wednesday and Thursday at Club 333’s unique stage on the first floor of the observatory should not be missed by fans of jazz, R&B, and bossa nova. You only need to pay the standard observatory fee and can view the show for free. On windy days, the unique observatory, which stands 250 meters tall, may be shuttered or its operation hours may change.

Tokyo Disneyland

The first Disneyland to be constructed outside of the United States, Tokyo Disneyland, opened its doors in 1983. Families, couples, and people of all ages continue to like it. Six distinct areas make up the park: Tomorrowland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Westernland, and Adventureland.

Tokyo Disneyland-free attractions in tokyo
Tokyo Disneyland

A large Disney character balloon welcomes them because it was made specifically to amuse lots of people. As Mickey, Daisy, and Pluto stroll across Disneyland, take pictures with them. An beautiful Cinderella Castle with expansive views of the park is located at one end of Main Street, which runs from the entrance to Disneyland and is lined with stores, restaurants, and cafes with Victorian themes. When the parade is about to begin, Disney movie figures like Snow White and the Beast wave to the crowd from their vibrant procession cars. Tokyo Disneyland is situated in Urayasu City, a suburb of the capital. The best method of transportation from Tokyo to Disneyland is by train to Maihama Station.

In conclusion, Tokyo, one of the world’s most entertaining cities, mixes the allure of the present and the past in a single day. Many individuals are drawn to Tokyo’s traditional culture as well as its modern and innovative vibe. Tokyo is home to numerous fascinating free attractions in Tokyo. To fully enjoy Tokyo, Japan, you can also go for free to a number of interesting locations.