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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guangzhou

It’s helpful to have personal recommendations, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for plant-based dining options. That’s why we have compiled this list of the top 10 vegan eateries in Guangzhou, as selected by the highest scores generated from reviews submitted by HappyCow community members. Even the most discerning carnivores will agree that the delicious vegan options available at these eateries will satisfy even the most fastidious palette. We’re confident that using our list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Guangzhou, you’ll find the best veggie dining experiences from breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in between.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guangzhou


The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guangzhou | iDAMA

Inside K11 Mall, a  vegan restaurant will open in 2020. Serves a fusion of western and Asian cuisines with the goal of attracting a young clientele. Burgers made with omnipork, pasta meals, and vegan soft serve ice cream are among the options.

Go Vegan!

Go Vegan is a must-visit for vegans in Guangzhou, whether they reside there or are visiting for business or pleasure. Go Vegan is a vegan café and health food store rolled into one. This is the greatest location in Guangzhou to get your vegan pantry, frozen foods, and other food goods. Vegan vitamins, plant mylks (including OATLY! ), tempeh, seitan, frozen ground “meat,” and more are all available. There are also vegan-friendly cooked meals, snacks, and desserts available. Vegan wines, as well as vegan, nontoxic, and organic household cleaning products and cosmetics, are available.

Heng Su

In the center of Guangzhou, Heng Su is a 100% vegan restaurant. It is conveniently accessible by public transportation and is well-liked by both locals and tourists because to its broad English menu. Soups, vegetable dishes, vegan meats, dumplings, and other items on the vegan menu are mostly vegan adaptations of classic Chinese cuisines. Many guests consider Heng Su to be their favorite vegan Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou. However, be aware that finding this small eatery might be tough, but it is well worth the effort once you do.

Yan Yan Sushi

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Guangzhou, Yan Yan Sushi is one of Guangzhou’s most highly rated vegan eateries. Because of its proximity to Guangxiao Temple, it is excellently situated on the tourist circuit. Yan Yan Sushi is a Buddhist themed restaurant that serves only cruelty-free and plant-based items, in keeping with its surroundings. The restaurant is warm and inviting, and it specializes in Chinese cuisine, including tofu and vegan meats. A vegan buffet is also available, as well as food to take away.

Hong Shan Su Shi

Hong Shan Su Shi | The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guangzhou

Another of Guangzhou’s most popular vegan eateries is Hong Shan Su Shi. This is a buffet style restaurant, similar to the popular style of restaurants in Guangzhou, but happily for vegan diners, the entire buffet is vegan, so they don’t have to worry. There’s also soy milk and other plant-based milks, rice and noodles, and soy milk and other plant-based milks, in addition to the entirely vegan Chinese food on offer. The costs are similarly extremely inexpensive, but diners can donate money to help Hong Shan Su Shi provide meals to low-income and disadvantaged residents of the area. This charitable endeavor is in keeping with the restaurant’s vegan and Buddhist philosophies.

Gratitude Cafe

In Guangzhou, Gratitude Café is a 100% vegetarian restaurant. As a result, there is no meat on the menu, although vegans should be aware that the restaurant serves milk and other animal products. Vegan foods, on the other hand, are clearly listed on the menu, and the staff can help you figure out which selections are completely plant-based. Also, if you’re seeking Western or American cuisine, this is an excellent place to go. Plant-based burgers, oat-milk coffee, sandwiches, salads, vegan yogurt, and more vegan alternatives are available.


Vegelife is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in Guangzhou, with an exquisite ambiance and a chef-created menu. Although this is not a specialist vegan restaurant, vegans can feel secure eating here because the cuisine is marketed as being 99 percent vegan-friendly. It’s also an excellent stop for travelers because there’s an English menu available. The menu is wide, with more than 50 dishes ranging from Taiwanese to Chinese to Japanese to other Asian cuisines.

Wen Xing Sushi

Wen Xing Sushi

Wen Xing Sushi, a modest but popular buffet restaurant, is located inside the Wen Xing Hotel. Because the restaurant follows Buddhist ideals, no egg or dairy is offered. Customers should double-check the menu items with the staff before ordering because it is presented as a vegetarian restaurant rather than a vegan one.