The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

Although Canada does not enjoy the reputation of having the sun-and-sand thing, yet this country has a profusion of shorelines, which stretches farther than any other nation in the world. The most beautiful beaches in Canada extend to thousands of miles with incredible beauty, which promises not just a soothing time but remains a visual treat to our eyes.

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

1. Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach, Ontario | One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

With 10 kilometers of sand stretching along Lake Huron, Sauble Beach is one of Ontario’s top beach destinations. In some of the areas of Sauble Beach, you are allowed to drive your car out onto the sand. No need to lug all your gear across the sand in the blazing sun, just pay your admission, park, and set up your day camp!

The beach is well set up for summer visitors, with restaurants just back from the beach serving typical beach fare, including ice-cream and other snacks. Sauble Beach is a popular place for volleyball, and water activities include jet skiing, kiteboarding, and paddling around on a stand-up paddleboard.

2. Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach | The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

Located only 90 minutes from Toronto, Wasaga Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the world. The beach stretches in a long arc along Nottawasaga Bay for 14 kilometers and draws over two million visitors each season. The warm and shallow water makes this an ideal beach for families.

Where you set up may depend on what you are interested in. The beach is divided up into sections 1 through 6. Sections 1 and 2 are in town and are backed by a boardwalk. This is where you’ll find a majority of the people and all the restaurants, shops, and services.

Sections 3 through 6 are quieter and more natural, ideal for those looking to settle down in the sun with a good book. If you have your dog with you, head to section 3, where they can frolic in the waves.

Each summer, the beach comes alive with fun events ranging from volleyball tournaments to fireworks.

3. Woodbine Beach, The Beaches, Toronto

Woodbine Beach is Toronto's most popular spot along the lake
The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada

Woodbine Beach, in an area of the GTA known as The Beaches, is Toronto’s most popular beach, and is typically packed on hot, sunny weekends. This wide expanse of beach is also the epicenter for beach volleyball in Toronto. Every evening and weekend, you’ll find the beach packed with sweating bodies spiking and diving and trying to look good.

The beach itself is a curving, three-kilometer-long stretch of sand that is wide at the west end and narrow the farther east you go. Lifeguards are on duty from June until Labour Day. Washrooms and changing stations along with outdoor showers are provided free of charge.

Back from the beach is a wide wooden boardwalk, complete with benches, that is one of the most popular places to go for a stroll in the city.

4. Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

Manitou Beach, located 62 miles southeast of Saskatoon on Little Manitou Lake, is home to three sandy beaches. The 14-mile lake is often compared to the Dead Sea in Israel and Karlovy Vary Hot Springs in the Czech Republic, with mineral-rich waters that impart a specific gravity ten percent higher than regular water, making it almost impossible to sink. In addition to this unusual buoyancy, the waters’ minerals are said to offer natural therapeutic treatments to swimmers, with the lake purported to have healed everything from smallpox to eczema.

5. Ingonish Beach

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Canada | . Ingonish Beach

It is located towards 127 km of North of Sydney over the Island called Cape Breton in Canada. It offers the tourist ample of scenic rides over the mighty cruise and offers even the whale watching tours as well. Besides, one can find a wide range of swimming options, while the Cabot Trail promises the tourists to enjoy both the fresh and salt-water fishing expedition.

The beach has a natural barrier, which divides the freshwater stream and salt water from the Atlantic Ocean, thus giving options to the swimmers to enjoy two different types of swimming experience. Due to its warm water and the spaciousness, Ingonish Beach remains the most popular among the beach lovers.

6. Devonshire Beach, Alberta

Named after the Duke of Devonshire who visited the area in the early 20th century, Devonshire Beach is a 4-mile-long beach set within Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. The beach’s white sands are nestled amidst 1,500-year-old sand dunes in the south end of the park. The largest recreational lake in Alberta, the waters of Lesser Slave Lake are clear and warm during the summer, making it a much-loved spot for fishing, surfing, and swimming. The lake is known for hosting the annual Alberta Open Sand Sculpture Championship every July.