7 Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples

If Thailand is your next travel destination, be ready to be mesmerized because this list of the top Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples will make your time there much more amazing than it already is! The frosting on the cake is the group of unique islands that encircle the mainland. In addition, there is an endless variety of activities and destinations you may explore in Thailand. Thailand will not let you down, whether you’re interested in history, architecture, gastronomy, nightlife, culture, or simply a beach holiday. Here is a list of Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples that you just must include in your schedule when visiting Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Discover “VILLAGE OF LOVE” during a food walking tour

Everyone is aware that “a man’s stomach is where his heart belongs”! The same holds true for ladies, so why not let Bangkok do the cooking for the two of you and go on a delectable cuisine tour of the city together?

If you can resist the temptation, we advise skipping breakfast in favor of a food-focused walking tour of the Bang Rak neighborhood, often known as the “Village of Love.” This region is renowned for the many distinct cultures that coexist peacefully there, and as a result, there are many varied cuisines available that will tantalize your taste buds.

Explore the “VILLAGE OF LOVE” during a food walking tour
Explore the “VILLAGE OF LOVE” during a food walking tour: Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples

With Taste of Thailand, who takes you in small groups to various (delicious) stops around Bang Rak, you can not only sample the various flavors (from Thai and Chinese tea to papaya salad, pork skewers, Chinese duck, green curry, and fried bananas, to name a few) but also learn more about the locals, their way of life, and culture.

2. Chi, The spa at Shangri – La Hotel, Bangkok

A couples massage at Chi will provide you with the utmost tranquility. One of the top spas in Bangkok is Chi, The Spa, located in the renowned Shangri La Hotel. Numerous magazines have rated and honored Chi, The Spa as one of the greatest and most opulent spas in the world. The spa procedures used here are centered on removing obstructions that prevent the chi element from flowing freely and are named just after the Chinese “qi,” the universal life force that regulates health.

A hot stone massage, in which heated stones are used to warm and calm the body, is a great way to start your pampering. One of the spa’s novels treatments is the jasmine rice body glow, which exfoliates dry skin by using pulverized black jasmine rice mixed with a variety of herbs and honey. Mud wraps and even pink caviar sheet facials can be done after this. At this upscale Bangkok spa, no flaw will go untreated.

3. Lumpini Park: Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples

One of the greatest parks in the city, Lumpini Park was established by King Rama VI in 1932 and named after the spot where the Buddha was born. It is an urban oasis smack in the center of central Bangkok. The park’s jogging and biking routes are popular with city dwellers, and couples come here for courtship rituals in addition to providing lots of shade trees under which to lunch or take a sleep and serving as a fantastic escape from the city’s commotion and heat.

There are playground areas for the kids as well as basic outdoor gym facilities for mom and dad. You can also hire paddleboats to go out on the park’s lake, which is a lot of fun for the whole family. More than working out or simply unwinding on a seat or in the grass with a nice book, Lumpini offers a few other activities.

Lumpini Park
Lumpini Park: Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples

There are plenty of birds, squirrels, and other small animals for you to view in the park, as well as enormous monitor lizards that appear more scarier than they actually are. The annual Bangkok Street Show, which has performers from all over the globe, and the “Concert in the Park” series, which presents classical music concerts by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra during the cold season, are both held in Lumpini.

4. Cru Champagne Bar

The perfect date night combines breathtaking cityscapes, tasty cocktails, and fashionable nightlife locations. Elegant raised bar CRU Prosecco Bar is presently the city’s highest drinking facility. The Red Sky Bar, a few levels below, is pleasant enough, but to access to this beautiful gem, you’ll need to take the private elevator up three flights. Due to a collaboration between the two firms, a bottle of Bollinger James Bond 007 Spectre Special Edition or, if you dare, the #1 edition pink champagne of GH Mumm can only be obtained at the bar.

Raise a glass to the stars with this superb bubbly, or go for one of the fashionable trademark drinks like the Perfumed Lady, created with Beefeater gin, passion fruit, lime, basil, and chocolate foam, or the Bangkok Bellini, made with mandarin Absolut vodka, mango, ginger, and bubbly. All of Bangkok is visible from this vantage point, spread out front of you on all sides. The Golden Hill, the Royal Palace, the River Basin River, and the nearby Baiyoke Tower II, which seems to be on par with them, are all clearly visible, as are all of downtown’s notable structures.

5. Bangkok Night Foodie Tour in Chinatown

For visitors looking to experience the city at night, Bangkok Chinatown is without a doubt at the top of the list. Despite being called Chinatown, you may sample a variety of regional cuisines from Asia, including some of Thailand’s most well-known delicacies.

Join a Magical-Trip local guide as they walk you down Yaowarat Road. The majority of the hopping Chinatown eateries are situated here. You’ll be able to sample some of the greatest regional dishes in the area, such as the well-known Pad Thai, delicious Thai desserts, and freshly cooked satay skewers.

As you move between neighborhood eateries, the tour guide will supply lots of food; however, you may also purchase more food. Have your cameras ready as well since the colorful city neon lights will illuminate the streets during our enjoyable 3-hour gastronomic tour.

6. Go to Chatuchak weekend market

Shop till you drop at Chatuchak weekend market
Shop till you drop at Chatuchak weekend market: Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples

Wandering around a city’s local markets is one of the greatest ways to get to know its heart and soul, and Bangkok has many marketplaces to discover. The lively and colorful Chatuchak weekend market, one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, is our favorite of all.

You may discover everything and everything in this enormous 35-acre tangle of little sois, walkways, and lanes lined with more than 8000 market booths! It’s a location where you can literally “shop till you drop,” with everything from clothing, shoes, books, cooking equipment, pets, souvenirs, and furniture to delectable cuisine, antiques, and even a decent Thai massage. It’s a shopaholic’s dream come true.

Here is our selection of the top 7 romantic and enjoyable Things To Do in Bangkok For Couples. Please share any other thoughts and recommendations in the comments section.


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