Top 8 Things to do in Australia: What to see and do on a trip to Australia?

Most tourists’ initial impression of Australia is that it’s large—really enormous! Australia offers almost as many breathtaking activities as it does magnificent vistas, from the wide desert of the Red Center and the Barrier Reef on the East Coast to the incredible rocky outcrops in the Northern Territory. In Australia, you can actually find something to do wherever you go. But we advise starting with these top things to do in Australia.

1. Take A Stroll Through The Queen Victoria Building

Built-in 1898, the stunning Queen Victoria Building has seen a variety of transformations throughout time. Sydney Markets, a music venue, the City Library, and City Council offices. It was once on the verge of being destroyed, but now it is a bustling complex with 150 shops, cafés, and restaurants spread across 4 stories.

The Queen Victoria Building is open every day from 9:00 till 18:00. The easiest way to take it all in is to just relax with a coffee. There is now free Internet access inside if you need it. If you’re still interested in learning more about the structure and its past, you may take a 45-minute tour for AU$15 per person. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the trip begins at 11:30. Visit the concierge desk on the ground floor right away.

Take A Stroll Through The Queen Victoria Building
Take A Stroll Through The Queen Victoria Building

Another fantastic activity is to tour the rest of the structure and ascend to Level 3. The two clocks up here may be seen chiming every hour. The Magna Carta signing by King John until King Charles I’s execution is all depicted in the Royal Clock. From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, this clock will chime on the hour.

33 historical events from Australia’s past are depicted in The Great Australian Clock, both from an Aboriginal and a European viewpoint.

2. Go on an epic road trip

Australia’s large open landscapes were ideal for cars. So load up on food and travel in Australian fashion. From the magnificent Great Ocean Road in Victoria to the daring passage of the Nullarbor Plain or the trip from Alice Springs to Uluru and King’s Canyon, go exploring and discover true Australia. The Twelve Apostles, a group of limestone stacks off the coast of Victoria, right whales playing in the Great Australian Bight, and untamed camels, emus, and kangaroos may all be seen on the trip to Darwin.

The Great Ocean Road, which lies southwest of Melbourne, is a must-drive for Australian motorists and is a worthwhile tourist destination. Drive down more than 200 kilometers of magnificent cliffside road where you may camp, swim, surf, and simply take in the scenery. Beware of kangaroos.

It is a surreal experience to travel through the Australian desert from Uluru to King’s Canyon. As you travel through the as desolate as it is gorgeous countryside, escape the heat with the air conditioner cranked up but don’t miss the lovely hues. Have your greatest playlist prepared, and finish with a cold one under the scorching desert heat.

3. Sunbathe with kangaroos at Lucky Bay

There is nothing more distinctly Australian than lounging next to a kangaroo on a pristine sandy beach. The most well-known Australian beach where local roos are known to frequently sunbathe is Lucky Bay in Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand National Park. Esperance’s stretch of white sand and blue ocean is more than just a picture-perfect location to spread out your beach towel and relax while spotting a few kangaroos (but remember your camera).

4. Great White Shark Cage Dive

Great White Shark Cage Dive
Great White Shark Cage Dive: Things to do in Australia

Port Lincoln, South Australia, is one of just a few locations worldwide where you may cage dive with great white sharks, so go there for an experience with some bite. The Neptune Islands, which are noted for their excellent visibility, are the setting for an exhilarating underwater adventure that lets you safely interact with the ocean’s top predator while enclosed in a cage. There are several tour companies, but Culture Trip suggests the environmentally conscious Adventure Bay Charters.

5. Take a whale shark swim: Things to do in Australia

Visit Western Australia’s World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast, where you may snorkel next to whale sharks, for a genuinely humbling and unique experience. These gentle giants considered the biggest fish in the world, congregate in the area between March and August and may grow to a staggering 12 meters in length. Exmouth is the base for many tour companies, and there’s a chance you’ll see humpbacks, dugongs, and manta rays there.

6. Road Trip Along the Great Ocean Road

Driving down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria’s south coast is another of the top things to do in Australia. Driving your own vehicle along the Great Ocean Road affords you more freedom and flexibility than taking a guided tour (although tours are also available for those who desire one! ), whether you own it or have hired it from Melbourne.

Despite being rocky and worn, the Australian coastline along this stretch is breathtaking. The Twelve Apostles is the most well-known of the unusual rock formations and caverns that years of erosion have carved out of the seaside cliffs.

The Great Coastal Road is home to picturesque villages, national parks, campgrounds, and Port Campbell National Park in addition to stunning ocean views. The Eucalyptus trees down here are home to numerous koalas, making this one of the greatest spots in Australia to see in the wild.

7. Daintree Rainforest, Australia

The world’s oldest still-existing rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest, is located 100 kilometers (miles) northwest of Cairns on Australia’s east coast, and it allows people to engage in true ecotourism while taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The old-growth rainforest that is untouched and entirely natural is a privately owned conservation project maintained by locals who have lived there for a long time and are committed to teaching nature enthusiasts about their home and rainforest.

You may pick from a variety of 2 to 5-hour guided interpretive excursions, some of which include lunch and afternoon tea as well as a sail through the mangrove swamps. You’ll encounter some of the incredibly unique creatures, plants, and insects that call this historic site home along the journey.

8. Go scuba diving: Things to do in Australia

Go scuba diving 
Go scuba diving: Things to do in Australia

When you go scuba diving or snorkeling in Australia, you’ll find great biodiversity there no matter whatever part of this enormous continent you choose to explore. You may go shark cage diving, interact with sea lions at Port Lincoln, see the manta cleaning station off Stradbroke Island, see tiny nudibranchs off Heron Island, see beautiful whale sharks cruise off Ningaloo Reef, and go wreck swim on the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba.

And regardless of how skilled a diver you are, you haven’t truly scuba-diving until you’ve dipped your feet into the crystal-clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The biggest coral reef in the world must be seen to be believed. The Great Barrier Reef is home to a staggering variety of coral and marine life and spans diverse habitats, from shallow estuaries to deep oceans. To see for yourself, grab a snorkel and get in.

Slowly but surely, Ningaloo Reef is receiving the respect it deserves. Over 50% of the coral life in the Indian Ocean is found on the reef. The diving in this area is superior to that on the east coast. On your journey to Ningaloo, swim next to the whale shark, which is the biggest fish in the world.

There are undoubtedly a lot of things to do in Australia and it might be difficult to plan your schedule. A vacation here may be as leisurely or active as you choose. Australia’s sun-bronzed beauty can be seen in everything from animal encounters to beach lounging and learning to surf to seeing art galleries and learning about the Aboriginal culture.


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